Top tips for choosing bedroom furniture

When choosing your bedroom furniture, it is much more rewarding to think about each and every piece individually and carefully picking them out.

By doing this, you may be reap the rewards of owning a room that is scarily close to perfect, with each furnishing being essential to the overall look it achieves – and not to mention completely unique.

Get arty and ditch the bedroom sets, start sifting through different designs to create a bedroom that is truly compatible with you and your style.


A Bedframe

Beds are often a focal point of the bedroom, and although this is often because of the conglomeration of colourful duvets and fancy pillows that are used, the bedframe alone can work wonders.

Be they low or high, simple or sensational, use the bed frame to showcase what persona you want for your room, whether this is a four-poster extravaganza, or a low, lazy boy that is effortlessly cool, it’s is a really good way of starting your design process and letting all the rest fall into place.

Top tip: Take your room dimensions into consideration, as you don’t want a busy bedframe to take over. BUT, don’t be afraid to get a statement bedframe if you are working within a small space. Four-poster beds can bring attention to the height of the bedroom rather than the length.


A Bedside table

Bedside tables are great companions to have when relaxing in bed, holding all the bedtime essentials. When choosing one, it should understandably work with your bed to create a partnership that is aesthetically pleasing. This does not necessarily mean it should be the shame shape and colour, but only that they compliment one another. If you’re lacking space, why not incorporate your bedside table into a desk or dresser so you can have that handy surface without cluttering up your bedroom.


Wardrobe and drawers

We often keep all different bits and bobs in our bedrooms, which is why storage space is so important to maintain that fresh and clean look. Every bedroom needs a set of drawers and a wardrobe, and if these aren’t already fitted in, you have the job of choosing ones that will not only fit well within the room, but will also compliment the rest of your furnishings. Many people like to keep the wardrobe and drawers a very similar design, but if you cant find any sets that catch your eye, this consistency can be achieved through maintaining the same colour or design. For a more striking look, don’t be a slave to symmetry and mix it up completely, you’ll be surprised how good mismatched furniture can look.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures, although small and seemingly insignificant, can have a huge effect on your bedroom design as a whole. If your bedroom lacks a focal piece in the bedroom, and you’re finding the design a bit neutral and bland, let the light work wonders for you. If simplicity is what you’re craving, let a few little lights twinkle and create the final mood you need to complete your room.