Making mismatched bedside tables work

There has been a revolution in the bedroom, the rule has been scrapped and symmetry doesn’t necessarily mean balance. If you’re struggling for space or you just simply cant choose between two different bedside tables, then don’t panic, because a twist in contemporary design says that you don’t have to.

Create a space that suits your style down to the last detail, mix it up and create an eclectic feel, because your image cannot always be obtainable through design principles!

If you know you’re going for quirky and quaint, or you already own a table you love and are searching for its partner, then here are a few ideas to get you started.

Shape shifters

Believe it or not, when choosing bedside tables you don’t need to be confined to particular shapes, not one bit. In fact, you can create a more balanced look by using two completely contrasting shapes that neutralize the end result. For example, if you have quite a big and sharp bedside table, using a softer, rounder one on the other side can prevent the furniture swallowing your room up and making it feel boxy.


Functional furniture

There is more than meets the eye with mismatched bedside tables and if done right, can be a marriage of both brains and beauty. If you are struggling for space and are still in dire need of storage, then why not allow one bedside table to provide that, whilst keeping the other one low-key and lovely.


Develop this idea further by using a desk as one of your side tables, this is extremely practical and cost-effective if you already want to incorporate a desk into your room, not to mention a great space-saver!

For the perfectionist…

If you’re having difficulty getting used to the idea of having mismatched bedside tables, and cant help but feel that something isn’t right, then there are things you can do to stabilize your look and put your mind to rest.

– Choose tables that are based on a similar style, whether that is traditional, modern or any other, if the theme fits, everything else will fall into place.

– Coordinate the colour, they might be two different shapes all together, but similar tones allow for that coordinative look that lets everyone know it’s all under control.

  • If it’s the height you are having problems with, then you can incorporate accessories on each table to create a sense of symmetry. Books can be a good way of adjusting your lamps to a similar height whilst maintaining a natural and relaxed look. Other ways of remedying this can be by introducing mirrors or even bedding into the mix that can detract attention from the tables and downplay their differences, for a more subtle display.