How to decorate your bedroom

Aren’t bedrooms the greatest room of them all? A private space where we spend most of our down time and get that well-needed sleep, which we love so much. What’s more, we can have complete reign over the design of these little sanctuaries, to make sure that they are cosy and well suited to our own personalities.

Deciding that your room needs a makeover is not the hardest part over with, unfortunately, but if your bedroom is looking a bit drab, be sure to use these next few top tips to make the transition as easy as possible.

Firstly, get rid of your clutter! Decorating your bedroom means starting a fresh, and this is only possible once you free yourself from all the unnecessary items you have collected over the years.

If you’re having a thorough makeover and are having a re-paint or choosing a new colour scheme all together, take down the things off your walls and windows too – because you’re going to need to paint.

Move all your furniture. If you’ve got the space in your house, get it out of the room so you have a blank canvas to work on. Otherwise, try moving it all into the middle of your room, enough so you don’t run the risk of having a nasty run in with a piece of furniture.

Once you have done the strenuous part, you can sit down and begin to think about what sort of theme you want for your room… this is the most exciting bit, but try not to get too swamped in one particular theme, as you could end up with a rather cliché design that you wont like a few months later – keep your options open, so that you can make small changes when you change.

More recent bedroom deco has found itself not being a slave to the rule of consistency and this gives you the advantage of really nit picking every texture, colour and piece of furniture to create the perfect look.

Colour Schemes, patterns and textures.

When picking what colour-scheme you want, you don’t have to go for an all-out commitment. It can be more pleasing to use splashes of the colour with your accessories, and this is also a less risky option. By doing this, you can also choose different shades and tones of the colour in a variety of textures and patterns to give the room a really trendy look, don’t shy away from using contrasting patterns and colours for a contemporary feel – you can slowly develop and tweak it until you get a nice balance.


Bedding and cushions

Bedding can play a major part in your bedroom interior, or play the part of the low-key luxury, it all depends on what image you want to create.

Make the bed the focal art piece in a simplistic and neutral room by using a bright and textured duvet and contrasting cushions of all shapes and sizes. If you’re feeling daring, use this style in an already flamboyant room for a real glam slam.

Those who are all about the pale and polished look should keep the bedding simple and minimalist to achieve a timeless design that will emit a certain freshness, which we all crave in the morning.


Bedside table

Bedside tables are the ultimate accessory to accompany your place of rest and are also undeniably practical. Sitting so closely to the bed, it is essential that you find a table that is harmonious with its style so that each compliments one another, but this isn’t as restricted as you might first think.

If you have quite a robust and assertive bed, a rounded and more delicate table can neutralize the room and leave you with a quirky, well-rounded look. This can work the opposite way too, by using a statement side table with a delicate and minimalist bed, which looks rather shabby-chic.



Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with going for a classic style and finding a bedside table that matches your bed and the rest of your room perfectly. There are so many designs to choose from, so make sure it can serve its purpose and save some room for your bedtime brew.


The floor is often a space that is overlooked when decorating a bedroom, but it has great potential and should be utilized with a rug. Use large and bold prints to reinforce a theme that you want to bring to life, or use a simple and small one to introduce a quaint and picturesque feature in the room. If you don’t like your carpet, simply use one to cover it up – the possibilities are endless.