Bedroom Lighting Ideas

We would all like our bedrooms to be a personal sleepy retreat, strictly for siestas, slumbers and evening snoozes, but this is often not the case. Realistically, we use this space for all different things like working, reading, socializing and spending down time in, which makes picking suitable lighting pretty difficult.

To make this process easier for yourself, you should take a step back and think about your room as a whole. Here are a few things to consider so that you don’t get left in the dark (in both respects!)

Your bedroom might contain a desk that you’re often working from, and a television that you like to watch after a hard days work. Both these activities provide completely different lighting, and so it’s important that take all this into account. To prevent your lighting becoming a task, use task lighting…

  • Look at what lights are already in place, what might compliment them?

One central ceiling light will likely not have the capacity to provide light for all the different things you want to use the room for, although it’s a start. By adding different layers of lights that are concentrated on particular areas of your bedroom, not only is it highly practical, but also potentially very alluring.

Oh, and don’t forget to take natural lighting into account as well!

  • Question its size and how that might limit your choices

If you have a smaller room, you might want to consider lighting options that are efficient space savers, like sconces and pendant lighting. For the bigger rooms, you might need more than one type of lighting in utilize every corner.

A top tip is to decide where your lights need to go, in order to determine the size it should be.

  • Reflect on what style and theme you are aiming for

Once you have taken all these things into account, you can begin to get creative. Your bedroom is arguably the one place where you can think greedily and create a personal space that functions in a variety of ways, each of them perfect for you. Make sure that whatever lighting you choose, it is consistent with the image you want to create. There is a mass of different choices and designs, so don’t get lost in a swamp of bright lights, keep that initial design close to mind.

Vamp it up with a floor lamp

Floor lamps are a great way of implementing the task lighting you need, whilst also allowing you to add a touch of your person style to the room. They are very much an accessory in home deco terms, and are particularly useful if you’re not planning on using overhead lighting all the time, as they are often high wattage bulbs that spread their light effectively. On their own by the side of your bed or any other furnishings, they also make a small space very well lit and thus practical for any hands-on work you need to do, whilst still being in the comfort of your own bedroom.


Add panache with the pendant

Pendant lights are a great choice if you are short for space, but you wont find this restriction leaking out and affecting your choice of design. You can go for modest and minimalistic to seriously flamboyant, the choice is yours.

Use by the side of the bed so you can free up bedside table space whilst also getting a very clean and contemporary look, or use one as overhead lighting, hanging low to bring an ambient and focused light onto your bed.

Don’t be afraid to mix up the lengths of your lights to add texture, this will not only add a touch of subtle styling, but can work to your advantage if you want different strengths of lighting for different parts of the room.


For nonchalance, pick a sconce

Sconces and wall lights are ideal for enhancing the atmosphere of your bedroom, whilst also saving up that vital floor room again. They are often simple designs that are unobtrusive but have an effect that is quite the contrary. Use these lights at bedtime for a subtle glow that can be left on when your main lighting isn’t, to create a relaxing ambience. Place them tactically around the bedroom to draw your attention towards a particular space, or a particular piece of deco. If you have a favourite place or piece that needs to be noticed, like the framing of your bed or the well thought out deco that rests on your nightstand – intensify it with a sconce.


Practicality is key

Because the need for different types of light in the bedroom is great, it would be ideal to use a mixture of all of these to really let practicality and presentation fuse together and let you be ready for everything. Sometimes, however, this isn’t always possible and so implementing dimmers into the lighting you do have is a good idea so that you have some form of control.