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Why buy your bedside tables online from us?

Finding the perfect bedside tables for your bedroom is comes in a close second to finding the perfect bed. Not only do they add to the style and structure of your bedroom, they are also supremely functional and often one of the most useful pieces of furniture in the house. So while you are choosing your new bed side tables, be sure to keep both style and size in mind. You don’t to end up with a table that looks great but that is too tall for you to reach the alarm clock!

Functional considerations
Before we get into the ideal style of table to suit your bedroom, there are a few functional things to consider. These next few points will help you get an idea of the size of table that will be best for you. Then we can move to the fun part of selecting the style and colour.

How high?
First and foremost let’s consider the height. Your table should be within a few inches of the height of your bed so that you can easily reach whatever it is you store on top. It can be tempting to go for a huge chest of drawers or a small minimalist side table because it looks great. Before you jump in, consider how quickly you will tire of this when you knock over your glass of water in the middle of the night while you were fumbling around your under or over-sized table! So… go and measure your bed to the top of the mattress and then use this as a guide when browsing online.

How wide?
Next it’s time to think about the ideal width for you. This will be a personal choice as it largely depends on what you keep on top of your table. If you have alarm clocks, books, bedside lamps, a glass of water and other miscellaneous items then you are probably going to want a table with a large surface area. If you are a minimalist and can’t think what one might put on a table then width will not be an issue for you.

What about storage?
Lastly, have a think about storage. If you use your bedside table as an underwear or sock drawer then drawers are obviously a must! Alternatively, if you find that these drawers often end up filled with junk and miscellaneous things you could do without, then it might be an idea to skip the drawers altogether.

Choosing the perfect style for you
Now that you’ve taken your measurements, you have an idea about the size and you’ve decided whether drawers are a must for you, it’s time to look into what style of table is going to suit your room. The first place to start is to consider the style that exists in your bedroom already.

If you have a modern or contemporary room with clean lines and minimalist style, then you will absolutely want to carry this through to your side tables. Simple white or black bedside tables are really on trend at the moment and you can find a range of these contemporary designs in our modern bedside table collection. Alternatively, if your room is more of a traditional style, if you have a lot of knick knacks and colours, and you enjoy detailed design, then a wooden table is a much better option for your bedroom.

Tips for buying bedside tables online
Shopping online is a great option when it comes to homewares simply because you can do so in the comfort of your own home. If you are wondering whether a new piece of furniture is going to match your bedroom then you can simply walk into your room and consider the current colour scheme. In addition, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get these big and bulky items home. All you need to do is wait for them to be delivered to your door!

As with any online purchase, make sure you check the shipping policy as well as the returns policy of any store you buy from. Most good online retailers (like us!) will offer affordable shipping rates and a 30 day money back guarantee so you can shop safe with the knowledge that if your new tables arrive and they don’t look as you thought they would, then you can easily return them and get your money back.